Take the ‘Man Gland’ Quiz

A fun interactive online quiz is available on the Marie Keating Foundation website to give men more information on their risk of prostate cancer. It can be taken by visiting www.mariekeating.ie/quiz. 

3,474 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually, making it the most common cancer in men in Ireland. One in eight men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime, but that risk goes up by 2.5 times if a close male family relative has had it.

New research shows that almost eight in ten men admit they have never spoken to their Dad or a significant male relative about their prostate health.

Director of Nursing services at the Marie Keating Foundation, Helen Forristal, says that it’s crucial that men have these conversations with each other so that family members are aware of any genetic links that may be present.

“It’s really important if there’s a family history or a genetic link within a family that family members are aware because the risk is 2.5 times greater if they have a father or an uncle or a brother who has had prostate cancer”.

Take the test to learn about your risk of prostate cancer