Patient and Family Support

There are a wide variety of supports for patients living with and beyond cancer including;

Survive and Thrive

The Marie Keating Foundation’s Survive and Thrive workshops and seminars have been created to help men and women who have finished cancer treatment to adapt to the ‘new normal.’

Both the workshops and the seminars include advice from experts on issues that cancer survivors often face including: coping with emotions; fatigue and other symptoms; changing nutritional needs; coping with feelings and change; managing stress and physical activity.

Sometimes the courses are for men or women only and sometimes they are mixed. Attendees are welcome to bring a friend or family member to support them through the course/day.

All courses and seminars are free to attend but places are limited and registration is essential.

Our next Survive & Thrive course will take place in the coming weeks so to register your interest please contact Angela Egan, the Marie Keating Foundation, on 01 628 3726 or email Please indicate which course/seminar you are applying for.


Positive Living

Being diagnosed with metastatic cancer can be an emotional time that can lead a person to have many fears and questions and moments of anger and confusion. At a time where a person needs the most support, some people with metastatic cancer can find that it is very hard to find.

In order to support people with metastatic cancer, who have their own set of emotional, physical, and practical needs separate to other cancer patients, the Marie Keating Foundation has launched its Positive Living programme.  This programme includes free six-week courses that are led by local experts that provide resources and support for people with metastatic cancer. Common themes explored in the programme include:

–           Working with your medical team & managing side effects

–           Coping with the emotional impact of metastatic cancer

–           Sexuality & relationships

–           Altered body image, positive appearance & well-being

–           Using mindfulness to cope

–           Physical activity and stress management

The aim of the programme is to help both men and women who have metastatic cancer reach an improved quality of life by providing speciliased supports and connecting them with both experts in their local community and with other people affected by similar circumstances who they may be able to relate to on a peer-to-peer level. It is hoped that through the course, participants will be able to look ahead and plan for the future.

All courses and seminars are free to attend but places are limited and registration is essential. If you would like to apply for an upcoming course or seminar, please contact Angela Egan, on 01 628 3726 or email Or sign up on our website through the ‘Events’ section, clicking on the relevant course.


Travel2Care scheme

The NCCP funds a Travel2Care scheme, which is administered by the Irish Cancer Society that may help with the costs of travelling to appointments.  To find out more information about Travel2Care, call the Irish Cancer Society on 01 231 6643 or 01 231 0522 or you can email:

Volunteer Driver Service

The Volunteer Driver Service is a volunteer-led transport initiative in which the Irish Cancer Society recruit and train volunteers to drive patients to and from their chemotherapy appointments. The service is free to the patient and the hospital. For more information, call the Irish Cancer Society on 01 231 0522 or 01 231 0566.

Carer’s Support

If you are caring for a sick family member, it is important to meet your needs and make sure you are taking care of yourself too. The Self Care Sanctuary has meetings and information evening to make sure carers are being heard and looked after. Click here or call (087) 2248181 for more information.


Art Psychotherapy 

Cancer survivor Patrick Byrne aims to continue to support the emotional and mental wellbeing of the people of Cork through his art psychotherapy course. To view Patrick’s website and learn more click here.

There are also a number of  supports and services available to family members including:


Barretstown Camps 

  • +353 45 864 115

Climb- for children who are impacted by cancer

You Can Ireland- Young adult cancer support



For support and information for those affected by Gynaecological cancer and their families, visit by clicking here.