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How COVID-19 has effected our services

How COVID-19 has changed our services?

Circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are constantly changing and evolving and as a result, our services have too.

Positive Living:

In an effort to protect our Positive Living group members from further risk while also continuing to provide a vital service, we have decided to suspend face to face group meetings and instead are now offering online monthly meetings for members both existing and new.

Each month, members will be invited to log in to our virtual meeting and discuss the issues they have encountered, and memories they have made in the past month with their fellow group members and friends. As well as this, we have now established a new community WhatsApp group, meaning group members, as well as our nurses, can provide support and advice to members each week. For more information and to register for Positive Living, click here.


                                                                                           Corporate Webinars:

We understand that businesses want to protect their staff, so we have designed Corporate Wellness Webinars to cater to this need. Our nursing team can now provide educational talks on how to stay healthy, recognise signs and symptoms of cancer as well as providing information on how to reduce your risk of cancer off-site, and employees can log in from the office or home. Our aim is to make cancer less frightening by enlightening while also protecting the most vulnerable in our society from illness, and our new wellness webinars do just this. Find more information on how you can book one of our specially trained nurses to speak with your staff here.



Our Nursing Team:

Our nursing team across Ireland have been working tirelessly to help provide information and support to men and women on a cancer journey and to help them navigate the evolving coronavirus pandemic. Our nursing staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty, some redeploying to help support our health service, while others helping to support members of high-risk community on the ground through their community work.

If you are currently receiving treatment for cancer and would like to speak to one of our nurses, please visit the contact section of our website.




Staying healthy and making good lifestyle choices is still as important as ever when it comes to helping to reduce your risk of cancer. Our Stay Home, Stay Healthy page is designed to help you stay healthy at home during this difficult time. Tips on how to exercise while cocooning to how to be SunSmart when social distancing outdoors, now more than ever it is essential to stay healthy while protecting those most vulnerable. For more information, click here.

In response to the need for support and factual information for those on a cancer journey during this difficult time, we created the free six part webinar series called Cancer and COVID-19. This webinar series was designed to bring expert advice to those coccooning due to a cancer diagnosis in the safety and comfort of their own homes. To view all of our recorded webinars, click here.

For more information on the services we provide to people across Ireland at every step of our cancer journey, click here.