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Independent Living

You may have concerns about being able to live at home during and after your cancer treatment. Perhaps you have a temporary or permanent physical change or you may require assistance daily with jobs, errands and personal care. If home health care is not an option, it may be time to consider assisted or independent living.

Assisted or independent living  facilities allows individuals to live independently  with the reassurance of nursing care near or on site.

Assisted or independent living communities can differ from place to place depending on the provider and location.  Some facilities are fully independent, while others avail of varying degrees of service from the nursing home i.e meal provided,  weekly house cleaning, refuse collection, laundry etc.

Some faculties are located on site or near nursing home facilities and others  may provide a 24 hour nurse on call. It is important to know the level of assistance you may require during and after treatment. You can speak to your health care team about your options and what might suit you best. You can also find out more information about independent living options in Ireland below:

Independent Living Ireland 

  •  091 877 007
  • info@independentlivingireland.ie

Enable Ireland 

  • 01 872 7155


  • info@sonas.ie

Independent Living Movement Ireland 

  • 01 873 04 55
  • info@ilmi.ie

Alone Ireland

  • 0818 222 024
  • hello@alone.ie