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- Eleanor Roosevelt

Look Good Feel Better 12 Step Makeup Programme

Finding out you have cancer can be daunting and life-changing. The added stress of the appearance-related side effects of treatment can be demoralising and very hard to cope with.

This can have a serious effect on self-esteem and confidence, at a time when a positive attitude is very important. ​Look Good Feel Better support women on a cancer journey by helping them to look their best and boost self confidence during a time of anxiety and uncertainty.  ​

They use the power of make-up to help rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem for women who have gone through cancer treatment. These amazing women attend workshops all over Ireland, run by a dedicated team of volunteer make-up artists.

Below are videos of the Look Good Feel Better 12 step programme to help support women and build confidence when on a cancer journey.


Step One: Cleanse and Tone

Step Two: Eye Cream and Moisturising

Step Three: Concealer

Step Four: Foundation

Step Five: Powder

Step Six: Blusher

Step Seven: Eyeshadow

Step Eight: Eyeliner

Step Nine: Eyebrows

Step 10: Mascara

Step 11: Lip Liner

Step 12: Lipstick


For more information about Look Good Feel Better and how they are working to support women going through cancer treatment, visit their website www.lookgoodfeelbetter.com