With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts

- Eleanor Roosevelt


Mindful Musings: Living with Stage Four Cancer and Winning

By Sean O’Sullivan – stage 4 melanoma cancer survivor

The assumption by many is that once you’ve finished cancer treatment, the hard part is over. Melanoma survivor Sean O’Sullivan certainly believed this to be the case.

Sean was diagnosed with a rare melanoma cancer in his head in May 2015 at the age of 76. After the initial diagnosis, it was discovered that cancer had spread to Sean’s left lung. After 3 months of targeted therapy and two years on an experimental trial, Sean was told the impossible – his cancer was gone. However, this was only the a pitstop on Sean’s cancer journey.

After suffering from intense fatigue and a painful rash, side effects that many survivors face, Sean was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. He found that practicing mindfulness was a huge help to him as we worked his way out from under the dark cloud his treatment had created for him.

It was Sean’s experience with his own post cancer battle that made him aware of the importance of having strong mental as well as physical help. With help from the Marie Keating Foundation and MSD, Sean has been able to write and publish a book of mindful musings which illustrates his battle with cancer.

The message of Mindful Musings: Living Life with Stage Four Cancer and Winning, is that no matter how hopeless a situation may seem, there is always another way to the road of recovery.

Sean’s book is specifically aimed at Ireland’s growing survivor population, both those who have come through cancer and those who are living positively with advanced cancer. Within its pages you may find hope and support from reading the experiences and thoughts of someone who experienced their own unique cancer journey.

You can download Mindful Musings here or, if you would like a to have a hard copy of Sean’s book, you can find it here for a voluntary donation.


Coming Home: An uplifting and enlightening story of one woman’s journey to recovery from breast cancer

This film evolved out of a short story short-listed for the Hennessy Literary Awards by Anne Chambers who wrote the screenplay.

Coming Home is directed by Lisa Mulcahy (The Clinic) and stars the Tony-nominated and IFTA award-winning actress Dawn Bradfield. It is produced by Tile Films and funded by Nawrik, a not-for-profit family trust.

Coming Home is a creative film and also an innovative and valuable aid in spreading the message of early detection and positivity in the fight against breast cancer.

National Cancer Survivorship Needs Assessment-

A national cancer survivorship needs assessment has been prepared for the National Cancer Control Programme and was launched by the Minister for Health on the 19th August 2019. This assessment hopes to establish a baseline assessment of services available to cancer survivors and recommend models of care for future development.

The Needs Assessment provides information as well as figures on the current situation for cancer survivors and services in Ireland and details actions to develop cancer survivorship care.

The Needs Assessment finding are available to download below.

Needs Assessment: Living With and Beyond Cancer In Ireland

Needs Assessment: Acute Sector Cancer Survivorship Services in the Irish Context

Needs Assessment: Survivorship After Childhood Cancer

Needs Assessment: The Unmet Needs Of Cancer Survivors in Ireland: A Scoping Review 2019


Cancer and COVID-19 Wellness Webinar

n developing this six-part webinar series we have tried to ensure that we cover topics across a range of subjects focusing on FAQ’s, COVID and cancer and how to stay healthy and well, both physically and mentally, while at home. We are so grateful to our sponsor Roche for their ongoing support of our work and this series and to the experts who are contributing to it for giving so generously of their time and expertise.

To watch all of our wellness webinars, covering nutrition, fatigue, anxiety, exercise and much more, click here.


Guided Meditations-

All of these guided meditations are provided kindly by meditation teacher, Orlaith O’Sullivan.

Deep relaxation-

Great for during the day or at bedtime (it’s fine to fall asleep) – this is a key practice to help soothe our nervous system and give ourselves space to rest, refresh and heal.

Post-work Reset-

This is good for transitions, to help us let go of a busy time or a difficult exchange. We make a gift of this little space so that we can refresh ourselves – then we can be more present for ourselves and our loved ones.

Walking with Marie –

This was recorded for a dear friend, while she was waiting in hospital. Walking meditation is great when we’re feeling strong emotions. You can walk at any pace and feel safety and kindness in your footsteps.


Look Good Feel Better online makeup workshop

Lead makeup artist from Dancing With The Stars Mary Drummond shows you how to paint your face to help you feel more confident and comfortable during cancer treatment. Watch the full tutorial here.

Marie Keating Foundation Publications-

The Marie Keating Foundation has a number of leaflets, booklets and information materials on the most common cancers that affect both men and women in Ireland. You are welcome to download these free of charge at the links below.

If you would like a hard copy of any of our booklets or leaflets, please email us: info@mariekeating.ie. These are provided free of charge with a small fee to cover postage and packaging.

Back to Work

Back To Work After Cancer- an information booklet covering all the issues you may face when going back to work after cancer 


Breast cancer

Breast cancer- what you should know – a short leaflet with information on breast cancer

Advice and Exercises Following Breast Surgery an information booklet for women who are being discharged after breast cancer surgery

Understanding Breast Changes – an information booklet for women who have found a benign (non-cancerous) lump

Breast cancer infographic a poster which has information on risk factors and how to check your breasts

Coping with Advanced Breast Cancer – a booklet about coping with advanced breast cancer symptoms, strong emotions and other difficulties people may face when they receive a diagnosis that their breast cancer has spread. 


Bowel cancer

Bowel cancer- what you should know – a short leaflet with information on bowel cancer

Bowel Cancer: From diagnosis to recovery‘ – a booklet for people who have received a diagnosis. You can order a copy of this booklet by emailing Angela at info@mariekeating.ie.

Coping with advanced bowel cancer’– a booklet for people with metastatic bowel cancer that can help you and your family understand the disease and how to manage it. The booklet looks at symptoms you might experience, feelings and emotions you might feel and difficulties you may encounter.


Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer- what you should know – a short leaflet with information on cervical cancer

Don’t Fear the Smear a short leaflet on the benefits of having a smear test

Lung cancer

Lung cancer- what you should know – a short leaflet with information on lung cancer


Coping with Advanced Melanoma – Marie Keating Foundation  a booklet for people living with advanced melanoma


Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer- what you should know– a short leaflet with information on ovarian cancer


Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer- what you should know – a short leaflet with information on prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer booklet – offering information and advice from diagnosis to recovery


Skin cancer

Coping with advanced melanoma – a short leaflet with information on how to cope living with advanced melanoma

Skin cancer- what you should know – a short leaflet with information on skin cancer. This leaflet includes information on both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer

Spot the Difference infographic – an A3 poster with advice on how to prevent melanoma and how to check your moles and freckles using the ABCDE method. More Spot the Difference resources, including two videos, can be seen on our Spot the Difference page.


Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer- what you should know – a short leaflet with information on testicular cancer

Your Health: Your Choice

Your Health: Your Choice infographic on how to reduce your cancer risk through lifestyle changes

Your Health: Your Choice DL leaflet on reducing your risk on of cancer through simple lifestyle changes

Annual reports

The Marie Keating Foundation is proud to publish our annual reports online each year. Please see the Why you can trust us section of this website for our annual reports of the last three years