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- Eleanor Roosevelt

Support for Carers

A carer is someone who cares for a person who needs regular assistance because of an illness, disability or the inability to do some everyday tasks on their own.  Carers can be of any age, from the very young to the very old.

The role of a carer can develop very gradually or it can happen suddenly, the care might be for the short-term or it could last many years.

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Carers events:

Free online course for those supporting a loved one with cancer

Cancer support charity, Recovery Haven Kerry, will host a free, six-week online course for those supporting a loved one with cancer, beginning on September 14th.

Given over two and half hours, one day a week, for six weeks, the Building Better Caregivers programme will offer valuable support and practical advice to those dealing with a cancer diagnosis of a loved one, family member or friend.

This evidence-based programme has been developed by Stanford University and will cover topics such as communication skills; staying well and getting a good night’s sleep; tools for managing fatigue; dealing with challenging emotions and behaviour and getting help and action planning.

The six-week programme will commence on Tuesday, September 14th and will run weekly, via Zoom,  from 10.30am to 1pm.

Those interested in taking part can now register by phoning Recovery Haven Kerry on 0667192122 or emailing reception@recoveryhavenkerry.com